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Date:      Thu, 28 Nov 2013 22:57:09 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: What is the "thinnest" display manager available?
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On 11/27/13 06:55, Walter Hurry wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Nov 2013 09:59:07 +0100, Polytropon wrote:
>> Source:
>> Allow me to ask the following question:
>> Is xdm (and as far as I know, also wdm) still an exception from the
>> "rc.conf rule", or how is it supposed to be started on "more modern"
>> versions?
> I'd be interested in the answer to that too, as I use XDM on ttyv8 per
> the handbook, and it has been faultless for me.
I still use ttys like Polytropon, but I believe recommended practice is 
to use an rc.d system - just nobody has/could be bothered actually 
writing one :D

Maybe I'll (or someone else) get a round tuit one day, but I wouldn't 
hold your breath: it's been on the books for near a decade :)

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