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Date:      Wed, 02 May 2012 19:06:56 -0400
From:      Daryl Richards <>
Subject:   Re: Replacing dead drives in ZRAID2
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On 12-05-02 6:34 PM, Simon wrote:
> Thank you Mark, that's what I thought, too. My major concern is the failure
> of drives, not so much the hot-swapping. I can live with taking the machine
> offline, replacing the drive(s), and booting up. Yanking the drives out from live
> system is the only way I can simulate a hard failure. Without this working, I
> cannot be sure the system will remain running should a drive go bad. I'm
> not sure how the system would handle this given ahd cannot handle pulling
> of hot drives out.  I will try to get in touch with the driver maintainer.
> Thanks again!
> -Simon

One way to simulate a "failure" with ZFS is to use dd to write trash data to the underlying drive, and then scrub it to detect the errors and have it correct itself.

Daryl Richards
Isle Technical Services Inc.

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