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Date:      Mon, 02 Feb 2009 15:15:38 +0000
From:      Tore Lund <>
To:        Tijl Coosemans <>
Subject:   Re: Excessive letter-spacing in firefox3 under wine
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Tijl Coosemans wrote:
> On Thursday 29 January 2009 22:02:35 Tore Lund wrote:
>> Subject line says it all - large gaps between all letters.  Here is a
>> screenshot:
>> I suppose there are others who run firefox3 under wine on 7.1-RELEASE
>> with no problems, so can anyone think of what's wrong?  I have imported
>> fonts from my Windows 2000 installation, and I am using the same profile
>> that works well with native FreeBSD firefox and firefox on Windows 2000.
>> I believe this did not happen with firefox2.  Grateful for any hint.
> What exactly did you do to import those fonts? You should put them in a
> separate directory under /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts, create fonts.scale
> and fonts.dir in that directory using mkfontscale and mkfontdir, then
> run "fc-cache -f -v" and (for completeness) add a FontPath entry to
> your xorg.conf.
> Alternatively, you can install the x11-fonts/webfonts port, which
> contains the most commonly used fonts.

I have webfonts.  In addition, I copied my Windows fonts to
~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts, thinking that might have something to do
with it.

>> (Actually, I only use wine in order to get flash9, so if anyone could
>> help me solve this problem instead, that's even better.  I have tried
>> the available recipes with no success - my firefox3 just freezes.)

This formulation is awkward.  I meant to say that I wanted flash9 to
work with native FreeBSD firefox3.

> Try to get it to work under linux-firefox first.

Thanks for your advice, Tijl.  I had already done these things, but the
problem, I believe, is that linux firefox3 is a beta.  As it happens, I
now find that native firefox2 ( works with my present setup, so
I will simply use that version for the time being.

I suppose linux firefox2 might also work, but there is no need for me to
try it since I now have native firefox2, with flash9, with sound.

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