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Date:      Thu, 19 Mar 1998 03:39:55 -0500
From:      "Troy Settle" <>
To:        "(ML) FreeBSD ISP" <isp@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   ISPCON
Message-ID:  <000101bd5312$98392300$>

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Well, I just got back from ISPCON Spring '98 in Baltimore
(  There was lots of vendors and lots of seminars (I got
to a few today, including some with Eric Allman).

There was one seminar, which I didn't attend, that had a topic of
"Building an ISP from scratch with Linux."  As I had never been to an
ISPCON, I found this suprising, and thought that it would be cool to do
the same thing for FreeBSD.

The next ISPCON will be in September in San Jose (I believe).  Would
anyone be interested in joining me in organizing a FreeBSD seminar (or
two), discussing the topics of building and ISP with FreeBSD and a
general discussion of the pros and cons of doing so?

Also, how about manning a booth on the exhibition floor?   Could we talk
Walnut Creek into sponsoring some of us (ISPs and Core Team members) to
do such a thing?  Possibly giving away some premiums (cdroms, t-shirts,

I guess I'm volunteering to organize this if there's sufficient interest.
Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping out so I can start
thinking about what it would take to pull it all together.

    Troy Settle <>
    Network Administrator, iPlus Internet Services

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