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Date:      Fri, 14 Jul 2006 12:23:03 +0300
From:      vladone <>
Subject:   Re[3]: IPFW Dummynet Bridge Limiting
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Hello vladone,

Friday, July 14, 2006, 12:21:09 PM, you wrote:

> Hello Adam,

> Thursday, July 13, 2006, 2:37:19 AM, you wrote:

>> Vladone,

>>         Thanks much for the response. I looked into what you were
>> telling me and here are the results:

>> 1) This wasn't a typo. Apparently, after looking into it, I've seen both
>> options used on different websites and setups. Either way though, I
>> checked these both with sysctl and they are both set to 1.

>> 2) I missed that part of the man page and thanks for clarifying. This is
>> where I get confused. Am I using DIVERT to get packets to the proper
>> pipe? If so, then how can I get it to work properly with many many many
>> rules (one for each customer IP)? If not, then does this option really
>> matter?

>> 3) This part I did read and I'm still slightly confused. Once placed
>> into the proper pipe, I don't want it to continue down the line of rules
>> to search for another match. I like it where it is because it matched
>> the IP and should be limited, correct?

>> Also, I have tried my setup with the one_pass variable on and off.
>> Neither way worked for me anyways.

>> Upon further investigation, I noticed when I set up my laptop with the
>> address and add the rule to match "all" to the pipe, I lose
>> all connectivity. I am unable to ping or pull web pages. Somehow, I
>> originally thought the problem was that there was no limiting going on.
>> This must be because I had a ping running in the background and had the
>> rule set up to limit ip. Now I think what is happening is the packets
>> are getting dropped or not arriving at the destination like they're
>> supposed to.

>> Thanks again.

>> Adam

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>> Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 3:48 PM
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>> Subject: Re: IPFW Dummynet Bridge Limiting

>> Hello Adam,

>> I dont't use it bridge but some thinks that can help u:
>>  1. use corect syctl variables form:
>>  instead (probably an wrong typing)
>>  2. read the end from man page about bridge, and
>>  net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass variable.
>>  "Also remember that bridged packets are accepted after the first pass
>>      through the firewall irrespective of the setting of the sysctl
>> variable
>>      net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass, and that some ipfw(8) actions such as
>> divert do
>>      not apply to bridged packets.  It might be useful to have a rule of
>> the
>>      form

>>            skipto 20000 ip from any to any bridged
>>  "

>>  3. Luigi Rizzo say in his
>>  documentation: "there is always one pass for bridged packets"
>  First: if u want to apply aan queue or pipe, for many IP's, u can use option mask
>  in pipe or queue. U can get examples about that in dummynet
>  documentation.
>  For bridge, try to use "bridge" option in ipfw rules, to match packtets
>  that are bridged.
>  If u want to pass packetes across multiple pipe or queue, then need
>  to set net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass=0
>  For clients that have public IP's, natd have an option to not
>  translate this adresses.
>  Recomandation:
>  Begin with very simple rules, without any pipe or queue, only count
>  option, and see what is happening. Then grow complexity, in this mode
>  u can find where u wrong.

Sorry, for my mistake, option for ipfw is named "bridged".

Best regards,

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