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Date:      Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:42:07 -0500
From:      Dan Nelson <>
To:        Richard Wackerbarth <rkw@Dataplex.NET>, Mike Smith <>
Cc:, current@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: [GIMPS] /proc/net/route needed
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In-Reply-To: <l03130300b2482ed2e601@[]>; from "Richard Wackerbarth" on Mon Oct 12 17:14:11 GMT 1998
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In the last episode (Oct 12), Richard Wackerbarth said:
> At 1:06 PM -0500 10/12/98, Mike Smith wrote:
> >I can't imagine why a user-space application needs to access *routing*
> >information.  Why not complain to the people that wrote it?
> From what I know about the GIMPS project, it is probably attempting
> to determine if there is an active route to the outside. It does this
> so that it can decide whether, or not, to attempt to connect to its
> external server.
> I suspect that this was done to avoid bringing up a dialup
> connection, etc.

In which case, an active-filter on pppd (or a dfilter on user-ppp, but
Linux doesn't have user-ppp :) would be a better solution.  Think of a
two-machine network; the second machine has its default route always
pointing to the one with the modem on it, so GIMPS's route test
wouldn't help.

I say create a dummy /compat/linux/proc/net/route with a suitable
default gateway defined.

Iface	Destination	Gateway 	Flags	RefCnt	Use	Metric	Mask		MTU	Window	IRTT
eth0	00000000	0100000A	03	0	1	0	00000000	1500	0	0

should provide a default route via for any program that thinks
it needs to know.

	-Dan Nelson

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