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Date:      Wed, 14 Nov 2001 19:06:09 -2000
From:      "The Mail Man" <>
To:        <Undisclosed Recipients@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Add to your PlayStation collection for $4 per Game            LRVU
Message-ID:  <000067cf4f5a$000049c7$>

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<body bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF">
<div align=3D"center"><center>

<table border=3D"6" width=3D"58%" bordercolor=3D"#0000FF" bordercolorlight=
    <td width=3D"100%"><p align=3D"center"><font color=3D"#008040" face=3D=
"Arial Black"><big><big>COPY
    ANY DVD MOVIE!</big></big><br>
    </font><font color=3D"#000080" face=3D"Arial"><strong>With our revolut=
ionary software you can
    copy virtually<small><br>
    </small>any DVD Movie using your existing equipment!&nbsp;<small><br>
    </small>Conventional DVD copying<small> </small>equipment can cost tho=
usands of $$<small><br>
    </small>Our DVD Wizard cost less than the price of 2 DVD Movies!&nbsp;=
      <p align=3D"center"><strong><font color=3D"#FF0000" face=3D"Arial">F=
ree Live
      Tech Support With each Order</font></strong></p>
      <p align=3D"center"><strong><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://6="><big>CLICK HERE
    To Learn About DVD Wizard!</big></a></font></strong></p>
    <p align=3D"center"><font color=3D"#008040" face=3D"Arial Black"><big>=
<big>CONVERT VHS INTO DVD!</big></big><br>
    </font><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><strong>Why pay for a co=
py of a movie on DVD
    that you already <big><br>
    </big>own of VHS???</strong><big>&nbsp; </big><strong>Not all movies o=
n VHS are available
    on DVD.<br>
    So MAKE Them into a DVD yourself!!&nbsp; DVD Wizard Will teach you.<br=
    Our Revolutionary DVD Wizard will help you create DVD's!</strong></fon=
t><strong><font face=3D"Verdana"
    </font><font face=3D"Arial"><font color=3D"#000080">Copy DVD Movies An=
d Create Your Own
    Personal Collection!<br>
    Convert VHS and Camcorder Movies into DVD Movies!&nbsp;</font>
    <p align=3D"center"><strong><font face=3D"Arial"><font color=3D"#FF000=
0">Free Live
    Tech Support With each Order</font><br>
    </font></strong><font color=3D"#FFFFFF">.<br>
    </font><strong><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
    HERE To Learn About VHS Wizard!</big></a></font><font face=3D"Verdana"=
    <img src=3D"" width=3D"258" height=3D"11=
    alt=3D"VHS.gif (10098 bytes)"></font></strong>
      <p align=3D"center"><font color=3D"#008040" face=3D"Arial Black"><bi=
      PLAYSTATION</big></big></font><b><font face=3D"Arial Black" color=3D=
"#008040">=FFFFFFAE</font></b><font color=3D"#008040" face=3D"Arial Black"=
    <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><b>With our=
 revolutionary software you can copy virtually any&nbsp;
    PlayStation=FFFFFFAE Game using your existing CD Burner!</b></font>
    <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><b><br>
    Conventional Game Coping copying equipment can cost thousands of&nbsp;
    <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><b>The Play=
Station =FFFFFFAE Wizard costs less than the price of
    ONE GAME!</b></font>
    <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><b><br>
    Rent any game for less than $4 and copy it for FREE!</b></font>
    <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><b><br>
    Save HUNDREDS of dollars copying games! For the price of just one game=
 you can&nbsp;<br>
    own this software and have UNLIMITED GAMES!&nbsp;</b></font>
    <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial" color=3D"#000080"><b> This me=
ans the software pays for&nbsp;<br>
    itself the first time you use it!!!</b></font>
    <p align=3D"center"><strong><font face=3D"Arial"><font color=3D"#FF000=
0">Free Live
    Tech Support With each Order</font>
    <p align=3D"center"><strong><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://66.=
163.40.9/PSX/psx20/index.htm"><big>CLICK HERE
    To Learn About PlayStation Wizard!</big></a></font></strong>
    <p align=3D"center">&nbsp;</td>


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