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Date:      Mon, 06 Feb 2012 23:02:48 +0000
From:      David Hughes <>
Subject:   Re: Software Development using Freebsd.
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Not an expert by any means, but what about Mono, the open source and 
cross platform version of the .NET framework?

If you take a look at , you'll 
see that it's mostly compatible with .NET 4.0, and claims to be 100% 
compatible with .NET 3.5.

Java is also cross platform and will run on FreeBSD; or, like you say, 
you could use Python with TkInter; there's doubtless many other 
cross-platform solutions that I'm not aware of.

All best,


> Hello all.
> This is kind of off topic. My apologies in advance.
> I am helping a non profit organization and giving some classes to
> prepare students so they can be prepared and try to get a job (they are
> students also and have the basics concepts already)
> Anyway, I am interested in teach them to develop some simple
> applications. From simple ones to destktop ones that access a database,
> desktop ones that use internet to connect to a remote database and web
> based ones with a database behind. We have 6 months and the idea is to
> work a lot remotely. Thin is that I do not want to use any kind of
> Microsoft products. Some of them do not have modern machines but until
> now, in previous classs, we could install Freebsd, text mode, and work
> from there.
> Now we will try to have a graphical mode in Freebsd. With that we would
> like to be able to develop graphical applications for Windows (we all
> know that's the market and here some companies is what they are
> looking), so maybe sound crazy but I am looking to develop applications
> for Windows without using WIndows or Microsofot products at least.
> I have been looking for this for months. First case using Windows but
> not Microsoft products. I found some options BUT they all were expensive
> on the deployment. The "runtimes" were not free and the amount of money
> to pay was not a good option. Others provide " real free" excutables for
> runtimes but the products were expensive. I am now trying to, If
> possible, have FreeBSD running graphically and then use open source
> software to develop graphical windows applications.
> Maybe I am wrong but until now I think my only option is to use Phyton.
> Is that correct? For what I have searched Python will let me create
> executables and will let me create Graphical solutions even for other
> platforms (Mac or LInux or whatever runs Python).
> Talking with friend, he believes that my best bet is to teach them C or
> C++ and use some of the options for developing graphically ( I am not a
> C or C++ expert but I can learn alone).
> I was wondering if you could give some advie and comments on this.
> Are you developing commercial applications (including Windows ones)
> using FreeBsd as your platform? Or Maybe any Linux Distribution?
> Would you do that with Python or something else?
> Any extra advice is more than welcomed.
> Thanks in advanced.
> Jorge Biquez
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