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Date:      1 May 2000 17:43:43 +0200
From: (Christian Weisgerber)
Subject:   Re: AXPpci33
Message-ID:  <8ek8nf$rpv$>
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Bert Bruins <> wrote:

> I have a AXPpci33 ALpha motherbord with scsi cdrom and a IDE hd.
> The SRM console is running on it. When i boot from floppy BSD 2.5 at a

"BSD 2.5"?

> When i use 'show device' in srm there isn't a harddrive.
> Before that i used ARC console and the hardisk was available then.
> Q1: Is it possible to install bsd with the srm console in this configuration?

I *think* the SRM in the AXPpci33 doesn't recognize IDE drives.
IDE support in SRM is a late addition and the AXPpci33 is quite
old. So while it might be possible to install FreeBSD on the IDE
disk, you wouldn't be able to boot from there.

> Q2: Do i have to go back to ARc and how to perform that?

BSD requires the SRM console.

> [Alternative: text/html]

I suggest to disable this, as it is a reliable way to annoy people
who might otherwise be willing to help you.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                

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