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Date:      Thu, 16 Mar 1995 12:44:35 GMT
From:      Steven Ballard <>
Subject:   Problems with boot floppy on Zenith Z-386/25
Message-ID:  <>

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  I am currently running 386bsd 0.1 + patches on my Zenith Z-386/25
and would like to upgrade to FreeBSD 2.n. I have tried installing
various versions of FreeBSD but cannot boot the installation floppy.

  When booting the FreeBSD 2.1.0 Boot floppy the system hangs after
the first read of the disk without any output to the screen.  When
using the FreeBSD 1.1.5 boot floppy the message asking what system to
boot is displayed then the system hangs after outputting the first

  I have tried the boot floppy on a friends 486 system and it works OK. 

  I have tried disabling the cache using the Zenith setup.

  I suspect that there is a problem with the Zenith bios. Has anyone
had any similar problems? Any ideas on what to try next?

Thank You

Steven Ballard

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