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Date:      Tue, 22 Sep 2009 08:32:04 GMT
From:      "" <>
Subject:   internet access from FreeBSD
Message-ID:  <>

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             I have a copy of Greg Lehey's online "book" about FreeBSD, =
but I believe it is from February 2006.  Is there a later copy, and if s=
o, where can I find a copy (URL please)?  I searched my copy for the wor=
d "internet" and couldn't find it.  I did access the internet with a tak=
e-off copy of FreeBSD, but I don't have access to it any more.  Can I ac=
cess the internet with a currently gettable copy of FreeBSD, and if so, =
for what versions is that true (my personal version is old, but it works=
 well so I never upgraded)?  Since I get my mail via  juno , can I acces=
s them nicely from FreeBSD or do I need something to interface to it and=
 present me with my mailbox, listing the items in it and telling me the =
usual stuff about envelop mail (sender, subject, when received)?
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