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Date:      Thu, 02 Jan 2020 02:56:46 +0000
From:      "Thomas Mueller" <>
Subject:   Re: Need help trying to recompile kernel with EBR functionality
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> That's why tools like GPartEd (for example on the UBCD) are
> a much better solution that what FreeBSD includes natively.
> It would be nice to have that Linux-specific functionality
> implemented in FreeBSD's stock gpart, so all steps of disk
> initialization can be done with FreeBSD (and scripted).

> > And I completely agree with Polytropon that boot0 is much better for 
> > multi-OS systems, but boot0 works only on MBR - which is why I never use 
> GPT.

> Definitely. It's simple and predictable, doesn't require any
> maintenance (like GRUB), and works with everything that is
> MBR-based.

> Polytropon

For GPT partitioning on Linux. FreeBSD, MS-Windows and macOS, there is Rod Smith's gptfdisk, included in FreeBSD ports in category sysutils (

I use multiple OSes and versions, so three primary partitions that I get with MBR are woefully insufficient.

Besides, I want to be compatible with UEFI.

I use Super Grub Disk formerly included on System Rescue CD to boot and choose, suppose I could possibly use grub-mkrescue from a newer System Rescue CD.

But I aim to move over to UEFI.


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