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Date:      Tue, 5 Dec 1995 09:41:28 -0700 (MST)
From:      Stephen Mathezer <>
Subject:   ypbind causes login & cron to Sig 11
Message-ID:  <>

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A little history:

I had a FreeBSD 2.0.5 system running happily for about six months with an 
AIX machine as an NIS server.  One day I wanted to move the NIS master 
function over to a Unixware machine.  This didn't work for many reasons 
and I reverted to the AIX.  In the process a long line got added to 
/etc/groups (don't know if this is relevant).  The FreeBSD machine blew 
up (I don't know how, I wasn't there) and when it came back up, login and 
cron die on sig 11s.  I can boot single user no problem and if I don't 
start ypbind things work perfectly.  As soon as ypbind is started, login 
and cron break.  If I kill it, they're fine.

I re-installed all of usr, bin and sbin by simply tarring over the 
current installation from the bindist over NFS.  This made no differnce.  
This means to me that no libraries or binaries got hosed.  

So, the question is what the hell got broken?  The culprit must be in var 
or etc as far as I can tell.  Remember, this machine worked beautifully 
prior to this crash and I have since replaced the kernel, all binaries 
and libraries to no avail.  Oh yeah, if I start ypbind, login and cron 
die but ypcat works fine.  Login sig 11's even logging in as root too so 
its not like it's using NIS.  Also, removing the long line from 
/etc/groups made no difference.

Any ideas or am I going to have to re-install completely?



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