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Date:      Thu, 14 Sep 1995 02:33:08 +0200
From: (Michael Beckmann)
Subject:   vidcontrol
Message-ID:  <v02130502ac7d23ac276f@[]>

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Every time I try to switch the screen to 80 x 50 characters with
vidcontrol, it says "invalid argument". Switching to 80 x 30 or 40 x 25
works fine, even though with 80 x 30 I get garbled output when I view the
manpages; it still seems to assume the screen has 25 lines. When I use pico
resp. pine, it uses only the first 25 lines of the screen.

Why can't I switch to 80 x 50 ? Can the graphics card simply not handle
that ? (It's a modern one with S3 Trio chipset, if that matters).

BTW, when I found that my system has an account for Mr. Man, It reminded me
of this classic scene:

"Mr. Man ! Mr. Maaan !!
They left this card. Maybe it'd help you ?"

(Mrs. Toronto, er Tarantino says this to the Blues Brothers)

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