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Date:      Tue, 15 Jul 1997 00:43:18 -0500
Subject:   not sure if this is working, but...
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I subscribed to this list via majordomo, but so far I haven't heared a
single thing back, so if you could respond via e-mail as well, it would
help.  My real address is .  This one is just for listservs,
so that they don't clutter up my other account.

NEway, my problem is large.  First of all, I had a conflict between my PS2
mouse driver and my SysCons Console driver in kernel, and I very stupidly
chose do disable the console driver.  Now it turns out that they probably
could have both worked together, but oh well.  NEway, either the comp. is
freezing or it is not outputing to the screen after it starts to load the
kernel.  I haven't tried running it "blind" to see if the HD would click to
indicate that it simply weren't outputing to the screen rather than it were
freezing.  But NEway...

I figured if I could load the fixit floppy and mount the HD, I could copy
the kernel from the boot floppy to the HD, and not have to re-install, but
for some reason I can't mount the HD.  If I understand this correctly,
however, the HD controller is //dev/wdc0, the HD is //dev/wd0, and the
FreeBSD partition is //dev/wd0s2, with wd0s2a, wd0s2b, wd0s2c, and wd0s2d
being sub-partitions of the /usr, /var, swap, and root file systems.
Unfortunately, all that is in the Fixit Floppy's //dev/ directory is wd0s2,
which is says is unmountable it says.  Now I'm really stuck, and I need
help.  Oh, also, I don't want to just re-install because I don't have the
CD, so re-installing would, and did, take forever.


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