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Date:      Thu, 16 Mar 1995 17:40:31 UTC+0100
From:      Javier Martin Rueda <>
Subject:   Input/output errors with Buslogic Bt946C
Message-ID:  <635*/S=jmrueda/OU=diatel/O=upm/PRMD=iris/ADMD=mensatex/C=es/@MHS>

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This is me again, but now with a different problem.

I repeat the hardware config, just in case:

Motherboard: 486DX2-66 PCI+VESA, Opti chipset
PCI SCSI adapter: Buslogic Bt946C
SCSI disk: Conner CFP1060S
PCI Ethernet card: SMC EtherPower 8432BT
DSP 550: serial card with two 16550A ports.

The problem is that I get occasional "Input/output error" when accessing the
hard disk. It happens with files but once it happened when accessing the swap
area, and the corresponding process was killed by a SEGV after the kernel
printed an error message about not being able to retrieve a page from disk.

For example, if I recompile from scratch a new kernel, there's a chance that
I may get one or two of those errors during the process. Sometimes, it does
the whole thing without a single error.

The errors don't seem to be located in a particular spot of the hard disk,
but instead they happen randomly (though rarely, at least).

I've read the entire disk several times and didn't get any error. I used
"dd if=/dev/rsd0d of=/dev/null bs=8k count=129680" (it's a 1 Gb disk).

Also, I've put the disk under heavy activity (with several finds and several
bonnies concurrently), and it might report one or several errors, or it
might do everything without a single error. Again, no repeatable pattern.

Finally, the kernel does not print any error message. In other systems running
FreeBSD, if I got a hard disk error, something appeared in the console in a
bright color saying the track, cylinder, sector, etc. But here, just a
message from the user process saying "Input/Output error". Shouldn't the
device driver print something if it got some physical error from the

The disk is brand new. Before attempting to exchange it by a new one, I'm
trying to figure out if this is due to some problem other than a physical
defect on the disk. Any idea?

Again, thanks for reading this.

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