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Date:      Mon, 14 May 2007 20:23:28 +0200
From:      Peter Schuller <>
Subject:   Re: Stable many-port SATA controller recommendations
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> Are you seeing this same problem on both the Promise and the Silicon
> Image?

No; with the Silicon Image I am getting the timeouts that "everyone"
else is getting (google("freebsd sil3112 timeout").

> Have you tried a different brand of disk?  Some combinations of
> controller and disk don't work correctly.

With the Silicon Image I saw it with both Seagate and Maxtor. With the
Promise I am not sure; might have been the Maxtor once or twice, but
only the seagate when I triggered the bug on purpose (didn't try the

> If I use up a slot, I'd like at least 4 ports and NCQ.
> If FreeBSD doesn't have NCQ support yet I might just get a
> USB or FW to SATA adapter or two and wait for NCQ.

NCQ is nice but I don't *really* care. I just want something that works
at all :) Of course I would want NCQ if it was a performance critical
production system though. And AFAIK NCQ is not yet supported in FreeBSD.

/ Peter Schuller

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