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Date:      Sun, 21 Mar 2021 16:18:09 -0400
From:      Jerry <>
Subject:   Re: OS to replace FreeBSD
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On Sun, 21 Mar 2021 15:16:49 -0400, Kurt Hackenberg stated:
>On 2021/03/21 14:25, Jerry wrote:
>> [irritation] =20
>35 years of unhappy experience has shown us that the only effective
>way to deal with Internet flamers is to ignore them. Don't even read
>their messages, and, ideally, make your reader software not even show
>you messages from them. Usenet readers added that automatic filtering
>long ago, for that reason. Some mail readers can also do something
>like that. I suggest that you ignore Mr. Friedman.
>You might also moderate your tone slightly, in one way: be less=20
>absolutist. You say FreeBSD is wrong and all other OSes are right. I
>get the impression that it's more like this: there's an obscure
>hardware error, and some OSes either don't trigger it or work around
>it, but FreeBSD currently has a problem with it. But nobody knows for

The operational words there are "know for sure". I do know it worked in
versions prior to 12.x and I do know that nearly an entire version of
FreeBSD will have come and gone and nobody has debugged the situation.
Worse, it will be carried over to version 13. That is seriously not

I totally agree that it is an obscure problem, but that does not lessen
the intensity of the problem.

As I have stated before, I find it virtually impossible to believe
that every other OS has magically found a way to work with the
'ASM1142 USB 3.1 Host Controller', which is what the problem seems to
be, (unconfirmed) except FreeBSD. That leads to only two possible
conclusions, either they fixed something that was not broken or they
attempted to fix something that didn't need fixing.

>Now that somebody has volunteered to debug this, maybe it will get=20

And maybe pigs will fly. One can only hope. Which reminds me, since
they think they have identified the controller that is giving them the
problem, I will be happy to buy a card with that chip and it and send
it to them. I don't know if that would be suitable, but I am willing to
do it. At the very least, it will be a tax deduction.


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