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Date:      Sat, 16 Jun 2001 00:54:59 -0700
From:      "Ted Mittelstaedt" <>
To:        "Bill Moran" <>
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Subject:   RE: Justification for using FreeBSD
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>To: Ted Mittelstaedt
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>Subject: Re: Justification for using FreeBSD
>Hey! Aren't you the author of "The how to use politics to get what you
>want Corporate Networker's guide"? ;)
>Excuse the cynicism ... I just found the reply funny ... (since it had
>nothing to do with FreeBSD)
>I'm amazed at this sort of thing.

I'm not, at least not anymore, some of the stories I could tell of the
places I've
worked...  (including a 300 person software company)

These days I prefer to work for the smaller companies.  More than 30 or so
employees and the social-political starts getting in the way of the work.
there's still politics in even small companies under 30 employees, it's
manageable.  Certainly, I've never had someone tell me I had to use a
kind of software just because they read about it in some airline magazine,
in such an environment.

>There ... I'm done whining now.

Office politics is a learned behavior, it's not an intuitive, innate thing.
I don't care how bad your "people skills" are, there's nothing preventing
anyone from learning the game too.  It may be disgusting, but it's
to clean out the septic tank too, but it has to be done if you don't want
the commode backing up.

I label it "office politics" because I don't like mincing words.  Most Human
Resources people call it "getting along with other people" that's the
politically correct term.

>The only thing I have to say is that, while Ted might be 100% correct,
>his insistence that he IS correct is unfounded. Make your own decision
>on this point, but be sure to consider Ted's points.

I sounded insistent only because when I wrote it I was angry.  Like I said,
have zero tolerance for managers that get in the way of employees that,
as you say, just want to "to just do what you need to get things done"  I've
had to learn the techniques to make such people go away as a defense
it's not something that I seek out to do.

>My only point being ... not EVERYONE lives/dies by politics. Some people
>really do try to do what's best.

I really believe that the majority of people do try to do what's best - as
far as they know what's best.  Unfortunately, many people have completely
incompatible views of what is best, and as of yet human societies have
really not found any truly fair ways to determine who "wins"

The so-called "win-win" situations that are talked about all the time are
good to seek out, but not every problem is solvable like that.  If you have
2 people that want the same beachfront lot, and both will spend as much as
the other will spend to get it, then how else do you make the decision other
than by one outmanuevering the other?  Someone is going to get hurt here,
unavoidable.  Those are the kinds of problems that politics was invented to

Ted Mittelstaedt            
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