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Date:      Wed, 10 Jan 2018 02:11:06 -0600
From:      Scott Bennett <>
Subject:   ZFS error message questions
Message-ID:  <>

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     After running 11.1-STABLE with root on ZFS for a week and a half or so,
I apparently screwed something up such that the system became unusable while
trying to enter multi-user mode.  It looked like the easiest way to correct
the mess would be to wipe it out and re-install.
     However, I wanted to save the home directory tree because there had been
important changes in it since it had been imported from the 10.3-STABLE system
with root, /usr/home, and so on on UFS2, so I ran 

zfs send -ReL -I @15dec2017.freshlyinstalled-11.1S-r236620 zrootx/usr/home@28dec2017 > /mnt/bootdisks/usrhome.28dec2017.zfs-send

which is supposed, as I understand it, to have saved a full replication stream,
including four snapshots.  Now I wish to receive this into the newly
re-installed system, but here is what happens.

Script started on Sun Jan  7 00:54:39 2018
# zfs recv -dv zrootx </mnt/bootdisks/usrhome.28dec2017.zfs-send 
receiving incremental stream of zrootx/usr/ into zrootx/usr/
cannot receive incremental stream: most recent snapshot of zrootx/usr/home does not
match incremental source
# exit

Script done on Sun Jan  7 00:55:59 2018

     I have two questions at this point.
	1) What in hell does this apparently undocumented error message mean?
	2) Is there still any way to recover what I need from the saved
	stream?  It's a couple of hundred gigabytes in length, so if it's just
	junk now, I'd like to free up the space.
I think I only need three or four files that have changed since I imported
/usr/home into 11.1-STABLE from 10.3-STABLE by

     dump 0f - /usr/home>/mnt/bootdisks/usrhome

on the 10.3-STABLE system, followed by

     cd /usr/home
     restore rDf /mnt/bootdisks/usr/home

on the 11.1-STABLE system.  The rest could be reimported the same as the first
time if need be.
     Please email replies to me directly, as well as to the list, because I am
subscribed to the digest form of the list, which means I might not get replies
via the list until the next day.
     Thank you very much in advance for any help!

                                  Scott Bennett, Comm. ASMELG, CFIAG
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