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Date:      Tue, 6 Aug 2013 17:45:52 +0000
From:      "Teske, Devin" <>
To:        Polytropon <>
Cc:        markham breitbach <>, Devin Teske <>, questions <>
Subject:   Re: .sh script code to determine IPv4 or IPv6
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On Aug 6, 2013, at 10:39 AM, Polytropon wrote:

> On Tue, 6 Aug 2013 16:50:37 +0000, Teske, Devin wrote:
>> And yes... to clarify... the port is a mirror of what's in 9.x base.
>> (however, see my recent notes in a separate reply; TL;DR: port is
>> 9.x only; proceed only if you know you don't care about the dialog(1)
>> aspects of the library code).
> I think it should be relatively unproblematic to fetch the
> port and only use the subroutines "as is", even if it's just
> for educational purposes. :-)


Just a warning though, what is "fetched" in ports is actually in the format=
 of what's in HEAD (read: not in the format of what gets installed).

For example, there are things that end up in /usr/share/bsdconfig that aren=
't in the "bsdconfig/share/" source directory (e.g., all the stuff under /u=
sr/share/bsdconfig/networking is under the source directory "bsdconfig/netw=
orking/share"). This may be counter-intuitive from an "exploratory" view if=
 looking at the source directory (what's fetched by ports).

And since the port Makefile will prevent you from turning that fetch'ed sou=
rce directory into an installed software (putting things where they end up)=
, it might be easier to grab this pre-built package that I stashed...

Because then you can say "pkg_add" and everything will be in the right plac=
e (/usr/share/bsdconfig/ will be flush with everything and you won't have t=
o hunt-and-peck through the source with a "maintainers" view).

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