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Date:      Fri, 18 Feb 2005 08:54:08 -0800
From:      "Robert Kim, Wireless Internet Consultant" <>
To:        "'Mikhail Teterin'" <>
Cc:        List Free Bsd <>
Subject:   RE: Verizon's EVDO and FreeBSD
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Ted, Mi,

Sure.. I've got one extra that I normally rent out... But if you guys
would like... I can mail it to one of you and just pass it on to the
next guy in a week... In fact.. .why don't we just create a loaner
schedule... Who wants to go first?

The card is live... And is costing me $79/m so if you'd like a $15
contribution is welcome but not necessary... My goal is to get a DRIVER
for the thing in FreeBSD...

Daisy chain every 7 days???


Robert Kim, 
Wireless Internet Wifi Hotspot Advisor
2611 S Pacific Coast Highway 101
Cardiff by the Sea CA 92007 : 206 984 0880

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[] On Behalf Of Mikhail
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 6:32 AM
To: Ted Mittelstaedt
Subject: Re: Verizon's EVDO and FreeBSD

> Hi Robert and Mikhail,
>   Mikhail, make sure the following is in your kernel configuration 
> file and recompile the kernel, then post the dmesg output. This should

> get your card recognized although it probably isn't going to be 
> recognized as a modem. But if we see the dmesg output there might be 
> enough info to suggest a mod to get it recognized as a modem:

Wait, I don't a card yet :-) I was just trying to find out, whether I
should bother obtaining one...
Ted, would you take Robert's offer for the benefit of FreeBSD users (and
that of Verizon)? Assuming, Robert is willing to loan the card first, of
course :-)


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