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Date:      Wed, 23 Oct 96 03:15:20 +1100
From:      Mikel Lindsaar <>
Subject:   Questions re backing up
Message-ID:  <>

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Being fairly new to FreeBSD (and Unix in general) I have now a need to set
up a fairly comprehensive backup regieme.  A simple tar to /der/rst0 is no
longer suitable.

I need to backup the following

Filesystem  1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on     /dev/sd0a      
89998    16592    66208    20%    /             
/dev/sd0s1e   1702614   896114   670292    57%    /home         
/dev/sd1s1e    322702        4   296882     0%    /tmp          
/dev/sd2s1e    920252   406050   440582    48%    /usr          
/dev/sd1s1f    201870     5756   179966     3%    /var           procfs             
4        4        0   100%    /proc         

Now, I know I can go without /tmp and there is no need to backup /proc but
I want to be able to backup the remaining systems to a single tape, with a
rotating tape log (5 tapes over a week)

I know I can use dump, but after digging through the man pages and the
O'Rielly (God bless them) Sys Admin Bible I cannot see how to specify
multiple filesystems in the single dump command.

I am currently backup up the /home tree with 

dump 0usfd 42500 /dev/rst0 5000 /dev/sd0s1e 

(I am using a 4mm DAT Drive (WangDAT))

Does anyone out there have a good FAQ they could point me to, or have



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