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Date:      Wed, 6 Nov 1996 02:38:43 +1100
From: (David Nugent)
To: (Benjamin Greenwald)
Subject:   Re: Where can I get information about FreeBSD's object file format
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In-Reply-To: <>; from Benjamin Greenwald on Nov 4, 1996 22:54:09 -0800
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Benjamin Greenwald writes:
> I'd like to give something to the FreeBSD, as well as the NASM project,
> comunities.  As you may or may not know, NASM is a free, Intel syntax
> assembler which currently generates object code for DJGPP(COFF), Linux
> (a.out and ELF), Win16, Win32, and .com files.  I'd like to add a
> FreeBSD relocatable object file format back end, but I can't find the
> technical info I need anywhere on the web.

nasm already supports what is required.

"Linux aout" is basically the same as FreeBSD's. I compiled nasm
only a day or two ago and it required *no* changes to build under
FreeBSD, and the aout object files worked fine.

(from aouttest.asm)
; test source file for assembling to a.out
; build with:
;    nasm -f aout aouttest.asm
;    gcc -o aouttest aouttest.c aouttest.o
; (assuming your gcc is a.out)

davidn@sdev[~/nasm-0.90/test]$ ../nasm -f aout aouttest.asm
davidn@sdev[~/nasm-0.90/test]$ gcc -o aouttest aouttest.c aouttest.o
davidn@sdev[/home/davidn/tmp/nasm-0.90/test]$ ./aouttest
Testing lrotate: should get 0x00400000, 0x00000001
lrotate(0x00040000, 4) = 0x00400000
lrotate(0x00040000, 14) = 0x00000001
This string should read `hello, world': `hello, world'
The integers here should be 1234, 1235 and 4321:
integer==1234, localint==1235, commvar=4321
These pointers should be equal: 0x1831 and 0x1831
So should these: 0x20d0 and 0x20d0

I don't have ELF support on my system, but it may well be that
ELF will work as well.


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