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Date:      Thu, 9 Feb 1995 14:55:48 -0900
From: (Bill Allison)
Subject:   Sendmail question
Message-ID:  <>

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I have been asked by the powers that be in our company to set up a broadcast
email system so that we can send info to our business clients QUICKLY.

About 500-1,000 recipients, and the email being on average 50K.  I have set
up an alias file and everything is great (we haven't sent anything yet, tho
;-) except that the boss wants this stuff to be in all the mailboxes 1-2
hours after the messages are first sent.  I am not worried about bandwidth
(we have 56K, soon T1), but I am concerned w/ Sendmail. 

Under FreeBSD, on a 90MHz pentium, I have no idea:
--how much memory I will need
--how I can optimize sendmail to send stuff the quickest possible way.

I would welcome any suggestions!  I have to present my projections tomorrow
or monday, and I am still a little foggy (several O'Reilly books later!)



William Allison
Ian Freed Consulting, Inc.         
Seattle,  WA  98104  
Tel:     206.583.8919   
FAX:  206.583.8941

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