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Date:      Thu, 24 Mar 2016 11:52:57 +0700
From:      Olivier Nicole <>
Subject:   Re: Anti-virus for FreeBSD
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> However, to scan something with _that_ antivirus, you have to run their
> binary code on one of your machines, right? Of course, one can feel
> awfully smart (what!, say, I'm running some code on some system that does
> nothing else but that code, and has no way to talk to anything apart from
> getting what to scan and returning scanned...).

Not to that extend, but the mail server does only mail.

> I myself to the contrary
> prefer to consider myself stupid when security of my boxes and privacy of
> my users are concerned. So stupid that I can easily be outsmarted by any
> of CIA, KGB, MI-6 and alike. Which definitely is 100% true, they easily
> will outsmart me having all their resources. So I just try to keep away
> from anything that potentially could have been touched by their hands.
> That's the only thing I tried to say, and apparently failed ;-)

You did not failed. But :)

If I have to have secured email, I will secure it on my workstation
before I even pass it to the mail system.

Why worrying about the anti virus being able to spy on my email if I am
about to send it to the world (through many email relay that I have no
control upon whatsoever) in clear text?

If the message is dully encrypted, then the anti virus, nor any bad guy
should be able to spy on it. If the message is clear text, I must not
worry too much about the privacy of its contents.

Best regards,


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