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Date:      Tue, 1 Oct 1996 03:53:18 -0700
From:      "Neil C. Jensen" <>
To:        "''" <>
Subject:   Hylafax, faxgetty & 2.1.5R
Message-ID:  <>

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Has anyone successfully got Hylafax 4.0 running on 2.1.5R?

I've successfully compiled and even sent a fax out using sendfax, but I'm confused as to about faxgetty configuration.

Do I use cuaa0 or ttyd0 in /etc/ttys, i.e:

ttyd0   "/usr/local/sbin/faxgetty /dev/ttyd0" dialup on

I have a USR sportster 14.4 external, does anyone have a working config file for this?

Thanks in advance.

Neil Jensen
Habanero Studios Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada

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