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Date:      Thu, 22 Jan 2009 09:33:26 +0200
From:      Ivailo Tanusheff <>
To:        =?windows-1257?Q?Valdis_Ziedi=F2=F0?= <>
Subject:   Re: change root pasword
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If you have a physical access to the server - reboot in single user mode=20
and change the password.
Other option is to login on the console with user toor and no password and =

change it then.

You can change the password by passwd command, which syntax you may find=20
in internet or just type man passwd.


Ivailo Tanusheff
Deputy Head of IT Department
ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) AD

Valdis Ziedi=F2=F0 <>=20
Sent by:
21.01.2009 22:01


change root pasword

i'm new your product user! my first admin leave new server with freebsd!
someone change root pasword can you help me step by step change this
pasword! i'll be thankfull!

i'm now studing your product but if you can help me it would be nice!

best regart valdis
=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F mailing list
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