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Date:      Mon, 15 Dec 2003 22:47:17 +0100
From:      Adriaan de Groot <>
To:        <>
Cc:        "Joel V." <>
Subject:   Re: 5.2 and amd64 - good enough for a production server?
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On Monday 15 December 2003 01:40, Joel V. wrote:
> Just making sure I understand everything, before I go to my boss and tell
> him to buy a 4000$ opteron box. =)

Like Peter said, get a $1000 amd64 box first, to test on.

> 1) All the ports are working fine? I can go to /usr/ports/x and make
> install clean and I got myself a 64-bit binary working on a 64-bit
> operating system? (I'm mainly interested in Apache, qmail, vpopmail,
> proftpd and samba, which are quite essential to have.)

Things with definite issues that I've run across:

lang/gcl - pointers in int madness
lang/cmucl - binary-only i386 distribution
graphics/acroread - binary only linux i386 distribution

Hardly stuff you're likely to run on a big server box, though. Standard 
workstation fare runs fine as well.

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