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Date:      Sat, 26 Apr 2003 19:51:31 -0500 (CDT)
From:      Eduardo Viruena Silva <>
To:        Lee Gold <>
Subject:   Re: Fix for mouse : need help understanding basics
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On Sat, 26 Apr 2003, Lee Gold wrote:

> Using Fbsd 4.4. A fix I want to apply per the FAQ calls for,
>   boot: -c
>   userconfig> flags psm0 0x100
>   userconfig> quit
> I see how to get to this boot: prompt during my routine booting-up -
> I interrupt booting w/a <space>.
> ques:
> 1. what is this feature called? i.e.. when we are booting and
>     hit a space or "\" etc. we get a menu and typing "?" gives
>     many options. What is this 'pre-boot feature' called? Is
>     there a man or help links for it?
> 2. Same for userconfig, what is userconfig doing and what will
>     the string I enter at the userconfig prompt do? Tried to find
>     docs on userconfig, but docs are for the Fbsd install program
>     which seems to have the same name.
> 3. Will the fix cited above be permanent if I shutdown then reboot?
>     If not can I make it so?

check:   boot(8)
check:   loader(8)

I think they are not permanent.
must be kept in a file in /boot directory.
read the manual pages above.

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