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Date:      Tue, 14 Jul 2020 17:02:22 -0700
From:      Don Wilde <>
Subject:   Re: Freebsd running on used Rack server
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On 7/14/20 4:19 PM, Martin Glazer wrote:
> Hello
> Just curious what used Rack server would you recommend? I like the Intel
> Xeon CPU
> I like the idea. I have Freebsd running in a used Dell Precision T3600 with
> 6 core Xeon CPU

Well, I'm a former Dell Enterprise and Intel coder, and I like 
server-class Xeons, but I have to say that an AMD Epyc with Micron's 
variant of Optane caching technology doesn't look bad either.

I have experience with SuperMicro and Dell servers in racks, and the SM 
servers give you all the choice options (including genuine Intel) at a 
very competitive price.

Whether you spend your money on gobs of cores or gobs of memory is the 
real choice and that depends on your workload. Anything less than a 
Facebook clone or video server doesn't really require more than a 1U or 
2U server although 2U+ units give you excellent options for hot-swap 
RAID disks. Having multiple locations for failover is also an important 
consideration to factor in to your budget.

Make sure you understand the difference between workstation-Xeons and 
server-Xeons. A Precision tower -- even with six physical cores -- is a 
good workstation, not a server. Yes, it's an awesomely fast machine, but 
good server-class rack chassis with Xeons don't cost a heck of a lot 
more than you spent on that tower and 20+ physical cores is not out of 
line nor exorbitantly expensive.

Don Wilde
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