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Date:      Mon, 01 Jan 96 18:52:23 EST
From:      Margaret Tarbet <>
To:        fbsd <>
Subject:   2.1 install problem
Message-ID:  <>

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Got my copy of the 2.1 cd and tried to install it on my dev
machine.  Didn't work.  The (novice) install appeared to go
successfully, but my dos boot block was clobbered without
obviously being replaced by the bsd boot. After i fixed the
boot block so that dos would run again, i tried the install
again, same result.  In both cases, because i want to use
System Commander to manage the boot selection, i chose to
have a simple boot block installed rather than the bsd boot
manager.  That shouldn't be significant, but y'never know.

My system has an AIR 486/66 EISA/VLB mamaboard with 32Mb of
60ns, 256K cache, and an Adaptec 2742 SCSI card with 2x 1Gb
Micropolises (devs 0 and 1), 2x 1GB Fujitsus (devs 2 and
3), an old 200Mb Connor (dev 4), a Archive Viper 250Mb tape
drive (dev 5) (what makes that a "known rogue" btw?), and
hanging off the back of the bus, a NEC 3x cdrom (dev 6).

Device 0 has DOS 6.2.2 and Unixware 2.0, managed by System
Commander. Device 1 continues with an extended DOS part and
a Unixware part.  Device 2 has an extended DOS part in the
front half, and the back half is where i attempted to
install fbsd.  Device 3 is dedicated to DOS, and device 4
to Unixware.

Far's i can tell, source to the installer isn't included so
i'm pretty much on the beach with this.  Any ideas?

This next bit is an offer of help rather than the foregoing
request for same, so it might just confuse things here, in
which case i hope someone will say so i can send it on to a
better address:

I'd like to help with the project, if there's any perceived
need for my field of expertise which is product
usability/human factors/ergonomics/whatever.  Unlike most
folk in this field, i'm also a techie, tho as you might
suppose i prefer working up at the human end of the food
chain rather than at the kernal-and-device-driver level.  I
was moved to volunteer by the problems i still had with the
install even tho it has clearly had a large amount of good
energy and thought go into it.  Two quick examples: 
selecting an exclusive option (e.g., which device to
install to) requires two steps (arrow-keying to the right
line, pressing space). But it is quite easy (as i myself
discovered!) to make the move and then hit return...which
doesn't alter the existing selection even tho it "feels" as
tho it should. Which brings up the second example:  there's
no clean way to recover from such a mistake.  It is
possible to recover by patiently defaulting through the
rest of the choices and then re-starting from scratch, but
it would be quite nice not to have to do that.

Let me know if it feels like my sort of expertise might be


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