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Date:      Thu, 4 May 1995 16:47:37 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Julian Elischer <>
To: (Meng Kam Chong)
Subject:   Re: The small program
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To:  <> from "Meng Kam Chong" at May 4, 95 12:38:41 pm

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> Hi,
>    I have tried to install the BSD to my 486 machine.  But I was not success
> because I do not have a cdrom reader that can be recognized by BSD.

what kind do you have?

>    So, I copied part of the BSD source code to my hard disk, and install from
> it.  Then, I am able to install the basic system, the help mannual.
>    Recently, my hard disk crashed. I think it is the Boot Manager program that 
why do you think this?

> cause the problem. Before my computer crashed, I was using NORTON utility. The
> NORTON told me that a samll program was trying to write something to my boot
> sector, then it asked me whether I want to solve the problem.  Then I press
> yes and the system reboot.  My computer crashed.

I think NORTON destroyed your boot sector..

> When I first installed the BSD, I installed the boot manager so I could choose 
> to boot from dos or BSD.  Seem like the boot manager write something to my boot
> sector of my hard disks and destroy my dos partition table.
the  boot program installer  preserves the partitions
unles you  ask it to not  do so.

> When my partition
> table was destroyed, it gave a the message "invalid partition table" when

> Even though I have re-installed all my application, I still
> get the message that a program is still trying to write something to my boot
> sector.  I afraid that it will crash my hard disks again.
I think you have a virus protection BIOS? (or a norton version..)
This is telling you that YOU HAVE A VIRUS. under DOS.
this is NOT the BSD boot selector.
>    I bought my FreeBSD 2.0 in Jan 1995, can I return and exchange it with
> linux slackware because I don't have the hardware to install BSD.  I can pay 
> for the shipping and handling.
linux will not solve this problem.. I think you have a DOS VIRUS..
>    If I can exchange my FreeBSD with linux slackware, what should I do?
>    Thank you  very much.
> Your customer,
> Wesley Chong 

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