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Date:      Tue, 20 Aug 1996 09:26:49 PDT
From:      Bill Fenner <>
Cc:        Bill Fenner <>, FreeBSD Support <>
Subject:   Re: Does FBSD 2.1 honour ICMP redirects? 
Message-ID:  <>
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In message <> you write:
>(b) I tried to install the gateway address given me by my ISP as the
>default route and got a "Disc quota exceeded" message back from
>"route".  Does this message indicate a bug/feature in FreeBSD's
>handling of the situation?

Um... feature.  "Disc quota exceeded" means "The gateway for this new
route is only reachable by using this new route to get to it".  You
might imagine how that could cause some uncomfortable recursion.

You could try installing a host route for the gateway address pointing
to the PPP link, although since once again gateway addresses are only
used to choose the link layer address, I don't think this will do anything
for your redirect problem.

route add ga.te.wa.y p.p.p.peer
route add default ga.te.wa.y

but if that even works it will be effectively the same as

route add default p.p.p.peer

which is what I think you had


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