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Date:      Tue, 6 May 2008 17:46:06 -0300
From:      "Marcone Theisen" <>
Subject:   Redirect internal traffic (only port 80) to another link
Message-ID:  <>

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I have 2 links, one em0 and other in vlan2 interface.
My default route is em0.

The problem is:
I want to direct all internal Internet traffic (port 80) for the link in
vlan2 interface.
How to do it with the IPFW?

Some information:

Link em0 interface -
Interna network: em1 interface -
Link vlan2 interface -

The vlan2 interface is on Trunk port in switch. It's work.

We have tried the following alternatives:

I created another route:
Route ADD

ipfw add 00019 divert from 8668 ip to any 80 via vlan2
Traffic continued through dedicated link.

ipfw add 00019 fwd tcp from to any 80
redirect the traffic on the link vlan2, but did not return anything.

ipfw add 00019 divert from 8669 ip to any 80 via vlan2
natd-s-m-n-vlan2 p 8669

All attempts without success.
Thus, how I can redirect my internal Internet traffic to the VLAN2 link with


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