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Date:      Thu, 19 Apr 2012 14:27:46 -0600 (MDT)
From:      Warren Block <>
To:        Matthias Apitz <>
Subject:   Re: mounting ext2fs
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On Thu, 19 Apr 2012, Matthias Apitz wrote:

> El día Thursday, April 19, 2012 a las 08:29:52AM -0600, Warren Block escribió:
>> On Thu, 19 Apr 2012, Matthias Apitz wrote:
>>> the problem with (this) cardreader seems to be that the card must
>>> already inserted at boot time; a later switch to another card, for
>>> example from a card with 'msdosfs' to a card with 'ext2fs', gives the
>>> problem in my first mail; don't know if this is a bug or feature :-)
>> Try forced retasting after loading a card.
>>    true > /dev/da0
> What do you expect exactly from this command? The actual shell will open
> /dev/da0 for writing + truncating and will connect (dup) its fd 1 to it;
> then it will execute 'true', perhaps as buit-in; so what?

It looks wrong, doesn't it?  Devices are "retasted" when opened for 
write.  It doesn't actually write anything to da0, it's just a trick to 
force a retaste and get GEOM to show changed media or devices.

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