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Date:      Thu, 22 Jan 2009 12:31:08 +0000
From:      Vincent Hoffman <>
To:        Saifi Khan <>
Subject:   Re: ASL 2.0 based software contribution to FreeBSD code base
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Saifi Khan wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:16 AM, Vincent Hoffman <> wrote:
>> Saifi Khan wrote:
>>> Hi:
>>> Is Apache Software License (ASL) 2.0 based software contributions
>>> accepted in FreeBSD code base ?
>>> Specific case to consider would be:
>>>  a. device driver code released under ASL 2.0
>>>  b. code contributed to kernel (eg. scheduler implementation) under ASL 2.0
>>>  c. code contributed to userland (eg. new implementation of ctags) under ASL 2.0
>>> Can some of the experienced members share how things work within the
>>> context of FreeBSD project ?
>> I was going to answer with
>> however in a recent discussion on the -current list
>> (
>> Brooks Davis <> said
>> "This file is outdated.  While this remains our prefered license, the
>> current
>> OpenBSD prefered license is the ISC licesed which is allowed by the license
>> policy we published to developers last year.  We should probably replace
>> this
>> page with that policy."
>> I'd ask for a copy of the current policy on freebsd-current@ if you dont
>> get any answers here.
> Hi Vince:
> Thank you for your kind reply.
> Please see my writeup on ASL at
> While i understand ASL, i'm keen to know what are the technical
> deviations (if any) in the BSD  licsense followed by FreeBSD project.
> eg. if i write a device driver and release it under ASL 2.0, can it
> legally make into FreeBSD project ?
I'm in no way a licence expert and I'm not a FreeBSD developer, however
my understanding (from sources such as
is that in answer to your original questions
a) Device drivers - yes but it cannot be included in the GENERIC config,
but thats what modules are for anyway.
b) Kernel/base system - No - I belive this would need to be BSD licensed.
c) userland - Yes but probably needs to be in the contrib directory

as an example, all the ZFS stuff is CDDL licenced , This had to be kept
separate from pretty much everything but it's there.
However I could well be wrong and its almost certainly worth asking
these questions again on the freebsd-current mailing list where
developers who might actually know the answers hang out.


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