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Date:      Sun, 14 Aug 2011 05:22:11 +0200
From:      Polytropon <>
To:        Frank Shute <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: System lockups in X with nVidia GeForce 7600 GS (G73) and Gtk+
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On Sun, 14 Aug 2011 03:55:20 +0100, Frank Shute wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 03:22:06AM +0200, Polytropon wrote:
> > Has anyone got the "nouveau" driver working, and if,
> > how precisely has he done so?
> Yes. I got it working once by following the package instructions but
> on a subsequent system upgrade it stopped working and all my efforts
> to get it working again have been unsuccessful.

The instructions in the pkg-message seem to be
incomplete (in comparison to what I read in the

> > Is there an explaination of the lockups (always only
> > in relation to Gtk+ triggering it)? Does it indicate
> > a defective driver or a defective hardware? What do
> > you think?
> It doesn't seem to make sense. Have you got something missing/added to
> xorg.conf that's causing it?

My xorg.conf looks quite like yours. I am not using HAL
(compiled X without that). Monitor attached is a 21" CRT.
The xorg.conf has been autogenerated and then trimmed.

Section "ServerLayout"
	Identifier	"Layout0"
	Screen	0	"Screen0"		0 0
	InputDevice	"Mouse0"		"CorePointer"
	InputDevice	"Keyboard0"		"CoreKeyboard"
#	Option		"SingleCard"		"true"

Section "ServerFlags"
	Option		"DontVTSwitch"		"false"
	Option		"DontZap"		"false"
	Option		"DontZoom"		"false"
#	Option		"Xinerama"		"false"
#	Option		"AIGLX"			"true"

Section "Files"
	ModulePath	"/usr/local/lib/xorg/modules"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/misc/"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/OTF"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/"
	FontPath	"/usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts/"
#	FontPath	"/usr/local/share/fonts/amspsfont/type1/"
#	FontPath	"/usr/local/share/fonts/cmpsfont/type1/"
#	FontPath	"/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/truetype/"

Section "Module"
	Load		"extmod"
	Load		"record"
	Load		"dbe"
	Load		"glx"
	Load		"dri"
	Load		"dri2"
	Load		"freetype"
	Load		"type1"

Section "DRI"
	Mode		0666

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Keyboard0"
	Driver		"kbd"
	Option		"XkbModel"		"pc105"
	Option		"XkbLayout"		"de"

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Mouse0"
	Driver		"mouse"
	Option		"Protocol"		"auto"
	Option		"Device"		"/dev/sysmouse"
	Option		"Emulate3Buttons"	"true"
	Option		"EmulateWheel"		"true"
	Option		"EmulateWheelButton"	"2"
	Option		"ZAxisMapping"		"4 5"

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"Monitor0"
	VendorName	"Eizo"
	ModelName	"FlexScan F980"
	HorizSync	30.0 - 137.0
	VertRefresh	50.0 - 160.0
	Option		"DPMS"			"false"
	Option		"PreferredMode"		"1152x864"

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"Card0"
#	Driver		"nouveau"
	Driver		"nv"
	VendorName	"nVidia Corporation"
	BoardName	"G73 [GeForce 7600 GS]"
	BusID		"PCI:2:0:0"
	Screen		0

Section "Screen"
	Identifier	"Screen0"
	Device		"Card0"
	Monitor		"Monitor0"
	DefaultDepth	24
	Option		"Accel"
	SubSection "Display"
		Viewport	0 0
		Depth		24
		Visual		"TrueColor"
		Modes		"1400x1050" "1152x864" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480" "320x240"

> I don't have any ideas but I wish the nouveau driver port would get
> some love and attention.

I sould like that too - especially as the "nv" driver
seems (at least according to the documentation) no 3D
functionality which would be a real waste of money and
power. Aligning it a bit more with the ports infrastructure
to allow a "quite immediate" use would be nice.

> Downloading and applying patches etc. should be automatic shouldn't
> it? It seems rather "brittle" too.

Installing git to get the other stuff (as described in
the article) was a real horror to me. :-)

But as I said: The symptom is _SPECIFIC_ (!!!) to the
use of Gtk+ based programs. Everything else seems to
be normal (except the usual degrading of program quality

What I found strange is stat in the gv viewer, th four
keys for the page printing selection are "squished",
e. g. the usual rectangular shape

	+-----+  +-----+  +-----+  +-----+
	|#----|  | ----|  | ----|  | ----|
	| ----|  |#----|  | ----|  | ----|
	|#----|  | ----|  |#----|  | ----|
	| ----|  |#----|  | ----|  | ----|
	+-----+  +-----+  +-----+  +-----+

is now deformed to less than a quare.

	+-----+  +-----+  +-----+  +-----+
	|#####|  |#####|  |#####|  |#####|
	|#####|  |#####|  |#####|  |#####|
	+-----+  +-----+  +-----+  +-----+

I don't know if this has something to do with the nVidia
problem, or it's just another symptom of programs losing
their expected functionality...

PS. Looking at your xorg.conf, maybe the reason why I
    can't do Ctrl+Alt+Backspace anymore is that DontZap
    belongs to ServerLayout, not to ServerFlags - I'll
    quickly check that.

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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