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Date:      19 Mar 1998 11:10:18 -0600
To:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   arp/IP to ethernet addresses
Message-ID:  <"0319194046-arp/IP to ethernet addresses"@MHS>

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     On the network at work, we would like the ability to match ethernet 
     addresses (e.g., 00:a0:24:12:34:56) to IP addresses.
     The output for `arp -a' is confusing.  It shows more IP addresses than 
     there are hosts in our DNS namedb tables, but not a full listing of 
     all the machines on the network.  What other than explicit action, 
     updates the arp tables?  Some time ago, `arp -a' showed me many more 
     entries, perhaps all the machines on the network.  Is there a way to 
     cause the translation tables to be more complete?
     If I build a script to send pings (one per) to each possible IP 
     address on the net, the arp table is built.  Is this a good idea?
     The man pages say the arp stuff works with 10Mbit ethernet, though it 
     seems to work with 100Mbit as well.  I guess the man pages are 
     -Glen Mann

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