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Date:      Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:09:29 +0700
From:      "Majumba" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Ethernet, win95, freebsd, mail, etc..
Message-ID:  <>

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We are a local provider and we have run into some
troubles (not the first time) with FreeBSD, which we
could not resolve ourselves. We hope that someone will
help us.

1) How can one connect FreeBSD system with
Win95 system via Ethernet. The connection must
allow Win95 user to do telnet, ftp, http and all other
things to the FreeBSD machine. Of course, it would
be nice to have some file shares on the FreeBSD
machine which could be accessed from Win95 machine.
But it is more of a NFS question.

2) How can we split trafic and send different portions
of it into different interfaces? I will explain now.
For example, we have a DIal-up machine. The users
on that machine can work on line with the whole
internet and also send e-mail. And we have to 
physical communication channel connected to
the machine: 
	1) one 28800
	2) and one 9600
We want all on-line/other work go through the 28800 channel
and all smtp mail go through 9600 interface. At the moment 
we have no idea how to do it. Of course, there is a way
with tweeking MX records, which will reqire installing one
more machine. But that is not what we REALLY want. We 
want something more flexible)

3) This is one could seem a bit weird. In /var/log there is
a file "mailstat" It has write permission set for the whole
world. The same story with files in archived mailstat dir.
We base out mail accounting system on those files and
we do not want other people to change them. We need to
know for sure that if we clear write permission for the
whole world for those file nothing bad will happen. What
daemon writes to those files ? And if it is impossible to 
change the attribute without something bad happen, what
can we do to account for mail safely and reliably ?

Thank you.
Any comments would be appriciated.

Artem Koutchine

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