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Date:      Thu, 16 Aug 2012 22:55:30 +0300
From:      Jeff Tipton <>
Subject:   Re: can a jail have link to outside of the jail?
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On 08/16/2012 21:51, Len Conrad wrote:
> I have an ssh user who needs only to search some log files not in his jail. The jail required because I don't want the user seeing the rest the machine.  If the dirs were linked to his jail, would that work?
> What I'd really like is something like ftpchroot for but ssh.
> suggestions?
> Len
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It's not clear from what you are writing whether you mean JAIL(8) (a 
secure, virtual FreeBSD OS on top of host OS) or chrooted directories. 
Anyway, ssh can be set up very easily to have some chrooted sftp users. 
Read this:

You will probably have to think about where to place the log directory 
it if it's important to have no other logs in it.


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