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Date:      Thu, 04 May 1995 21:05:11 -0700
From:      Gary Palmer <>
Subject:   Re: backup? 
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>What's the best mechanism for automating backups? I have a small LAN of
>FreeBSD systems and would like them all to backup automatically (prefer
>to the same device). Is selective backup a possiblity?

ports/utils/amanda. It's what several other people use to backup
freeBSD networks and what Walnut Creek will be using RSN to backup
their system.

I'm not sure what you mean by selective. Selective occasionally, or
all the time? In the amanda config file you specify which machines
and drives you dump.

>Where is the list of compatible hardware? Specifically tape drives?

For netowrk backups you need large tape drives, which normally means a
SCSI device. Exabyte (8mm) drives are meant to be good.


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