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Date:      Wed, 18 Dec 2002 02:33:26 -0000
From:      "Bruno Afonso" <>
Subject:   Dummynet and bandwidth sharing
Message-ID:  <3DFFDE76.8473.48139C@localhost>

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I am trying to improve the network in my college (I'm a sysadmin there)
and in one floor we have about 40 computers being natted. (I use ipnat for 
that, but that's irrelevant)

We don't have a fixed bandwith here, as it changes a lot throughout the
day, so I've been seting up pipes with bw 0. (it's a 100megbit network)

In order to share the bandwith equally among the users, I am starting to
use dummynet. I have setup a global pipe and created queues per ip
(src-ip or dst-ip) using mask. I created several queues command (with 
mask) for "protocol" priorities like http, ssh, etc. (of course, protocol is 
specified at ipfw ruleset)

This is all ok since I want to give certain protocols priority status
(like ssh), but I wonder if I wanted to do a different thing:

I would like all users to share equally the bandwith, and give
priorities for each user inside his own bandwith. I could create a pipe
for each user, but for that I will have to create infinite bandwith pipes
(and that's a lot of pipes, we have laptop users) and add rules for queues
for each pipe. This would mean that if I wanted 4 rules per pipe, I
would need at least 4*pipes queues rules, and the same ipfw rules. This
would make ssh for a user use his bandwith with priority instead of a
"global" priority.

Am I missing something? What's the best way to do this? do a shell script
? :-)

ps: I am using ipfw1, but I don't mind at all using ipfw2.

Many thanks in advance,

Bruno Miguel Afonso, Biological Eng. student.
brunomiguel at dequim dot ist dot utl dot pt
D.E.Q. @ I.S.T. - Portugal

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