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Date:      Thu, 7 May 2015 19:34:12 +0000
From:      "Amuchastegui, Nick" <>
To:        "" <>, "" <>
Subject:   Request for source code from PerForce
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi all,

My name is Nick, I'm a developer at Qualcomm.
I'm trying to obtain some source code related to a google summer of code pr=
oject.  This code appears to be hosted on the FreeBSD Perforce server, whic=
h I cannot pull from without a FreeBSD account.  The web interface for the =
project is at :
e_send/send_0.2/?ac=3D83>     .   I would like to get the initial import of=
 the project, corresponding to changelist 163241<
Would anyone be willing to pull this revision of the source code and share =
it with me?   If so I'd greatly appreciate it!  :)

Background (if you're interested):
Docomo labs usa created an open source (BSD license) implementation of SeND=
 (secure neighbor discovery protocol) several years back.  A developer (nam=
ed Ana Kukec ?) associated with FreeBSD/google summer of code modified the =
Docomo project to port it to FreeBSD and improve its traffic handling mecha=
nism.   I'd like to get ahold of the original Docomo Labs implementation, w=
hich is no longer available for download from Docomo labs, and I cannot fin=
d it anywhere else.  The FreeBSD perforce server is the only location I hav=
e been able to find it.

Thank you very much for your help!


locate a copy of the source code from the original  Docomo open source SeND=
 project that Ana based her improved SeND implementation on. This original =
source is no longer available for download from Docomo and the only record =
of it I can find of it is in perforce on the FreeBSD server.  I don't have =
a free BSD account and it seems that I cannot connect to the perforce serve=
r without one.

I was wondering if one you would be willing to pull the original  Docomo pr=
oject from the perforce server and share it with me?   I don't intend to pu=
sh anything back up to the server, I would just like to use the code for ou=
r internal development purposes.

Bjoern, I contacted you because it appears that you were Ana's mentor (at l=
east on this project).  I hope I have the correct email for Ana, it was not=
 too clear from her freebsd profile page.

The web interface for the depot is at:
ot/projects/soc2009/anchie_send/send_0.2/?ac=3D83>   I would like to get ch=
angelist 163241<
d_0.2/libs/Makefile&rc=3Ds&c=3DrOY@/163241?ac=3D10>   , which appears to be=
 the initial import of the Docomo send project.

Thank you both very much for your help.


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