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Date:      Tue, 10 Apr 2012 08:48:15 +0200
From:      "Leslie Jensen" <>
Subject:   Re: cups slow when printing from firefox
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> Hi all,
> I'm struggling with a speed issue when trying to print stuff from
> firefox (10.0.2,1). I've set up cups (meta package 1.5.2) on my box
> which uses a Lexmark E360dn printer via ethernet. The printer has a
> postscript emulation which is set as the default (as opposed to
> PCL). I've used a PPD file from which claims that the
> printer is 100% supported. Printing works fine in general with all
> sorts of text and images, including PDF and LibreOffice and
> whatnot. However, trying to print maps from sends one
> CPU to 100% for a couple of minutes. Printing the same map from a
> Debian box takes a couple of seconds. I can print the map to a file,
> and print that file with lpr which also takes just a few seconds.
> While printing from firefox directly, I noticed a process gsc owned by
> cups which causes most of the CPU load. I take this as an indication
> that the postscript output from firefox is incorrectly rasterized on
> my box, instead of sending the postscript data directly to the
> printer. I did not make any changes to the default config files except
> for adding the printer through the localhost:631 interface.
> Is there anything else that I need to configure, either on the firefox
> or the cups end, to make printing maps faster?
> regards
> Markus
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> Markus Hoenicka
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Hi Markus.

If you do a search in the archives you'll see that some of us have
printing problems with Firefox. Some even suspect that printing in Firefox
is broken.

I myself has not been able to solve my specific printing problems which
include both Firefox but also Libre office.

I'm running Win7 in Virtualbox in order to fix my printing :-(



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