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Date:      Thu, 09 Oct 2014 09:26:56 -0500
From:      Mark Felder <>
Subject:   Re: disk loss
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On Thu, Oct 9, 2014, at 09:08, Jay West wrote:
> We're running lots of FreeBSD10 VM's  under Xenserver 6.2, and using
> FreeNas
> 9.X for iscsi storage. Note, none of the VM's see iSCSI - just the
> hypervisors see it to create their storage repositories.
> We've noticed an ongoing issue with recovery from crashes or issues with
> the
> NAS. This doesn't happen often at all, but the nas will reboot about once
> a
> year.
> Windows VM's seem to recover fine. FreeBSD, not so much. The pattern
> seems
> to be that if the NAS holding the SR's for the hypervisor reboots, when
> the
> freebsd vm's come up that have just one virtual disk (boot), it complains
> about unclean shutdown and fsck needs to be run. No problem, running fsck
> fixes it. However, if the freebsd vm has two virtual disks (boot and
> data),
> the first one (say, ada0) complains about unclean shutdown and fsck will
> fix
> it. But the second disk (say, ada1) is not found. All we get is "can't
> stat
> /dev/ada1p1" or somesuch, and /dev/ad1 is missing from /dev.
> This seems to be a pretty consistent failure mode. We've tried to detach
> the
> data disk and attach it to a different VM - but no joy.
> 1)      Anyone have any idea why FreeBSD seems so affected and Windows
> doesn't?
> 2)      Any ideas as to how to (non-destructively) get /dev/ada1 back so
> we
> can try to access the data?

Are you rebooting the iSCSI NAS while the servers are running? Does
rescanning the repository help at all? (or whatever the right-click
option is on the SR... I don't have access to XenServer anymore and
can't remember what that option is called)

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