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Date:      14 Sep 1995 15:46:25 +0800
From: (Peter Wemm)
Subject:   Re: cvs commit: src/sys/kern
Message-ID:  <438mkh$qub$1@haywire.DIALix.COM>
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>> >> > Is a new making ANSIfied vnode_if.h?!?
>> >> I hope so.. but actually no, it's just making ansi
>> >> prototypes and leaving the functions in pre-ansi style
>> >> (or so bruce's comments said)
>> >That's OK.  ANSI prototypes are bracketed with __P()'s so it won't be
>> >a portability issue.
>> Old-style function definitions are Standard although "obsolescent".
>> When do you think they will be nonStandard?

>When the last machine running the last K&R compiler is shut off and
>Brian and Dennis lie in their graves.

Just a thought..
Isn't #if defined(__FreeBSD__) non-K&R?

(at least, non-K&R cpp?)


>					Terry Lambert
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