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Date:      Tue, 26 Sep 2006 11:24:25 +0100
From:      Alex Zbyslaw <>
To:        Desmond Coughlan <>
Subject:   Re: problem installing on i386
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Desmond Coughlan wrote:

>  I hope that I'm not sending this to the wrong list, or that the question hasn't already been answered.
This is the right list.   If you want to know if something similar has 
been answered before then try searching the archives which you can find 
from or just try google on freebsd plus some relevant 

>  I'm trying to install 6.1-RELEASE onto a Pentium-3.
>  I had a lot of trouble creating the diskettes, but after changing the floppy drive, no problem.  Now, when I do the install, I have two hard drives, and configure them as follows...
>  disk0
>  150M / 
>  512M /etc
>  512M /etc
>  1024M /bin
/etc and /bin cannot be separate filesystems.  What made you think this was sensible?  I barely use 150Mb for / + /etc +/bin and only because I seem to have kept about 6 different kernels :-)  So using 512Mb for / including /etc would be fine and leave lots of space.  Even 128Mb would do given the apparent smallness of your disks.

Honestly, your whole partitioning scheme looks odd to me.

>  4096M /forums
>  4096M /mail
>  4096M /sql
With small disks why split the space up like this at all?  Dump 
everything into one extra partition e.g. /home and make directories for 
mail sql and forums under that.  Then it doesn't matter which of these 
ends up growing the largest - they all have the benefit of having as 
much expansion space as possible and space doesn't get wasted when one 
of your partitions sits at 5% full while the others grow to 90% full, 
for example.


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