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Date:      Tue, 15 Nov 2016 16:46:50 -0500
From:      Baho Utot <>
Subject:   Re: Installing to RAIDZ1
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On 11/12/16 11:52, Baho Utot wrote:
> I want to reinstall my desktop system using a raidz-1 filesystem using 
> the current installation image for usb drive. Reading the handbook I 
> find that bsdinstall will not do the installation I want.  I am using 
> 4 1TB drives and I want to partition to 800GB and install the raidz 
> there.  Can I create a raidz storage pool manually and then use 
> bsdinstall or will I have to manually install freebsd not using 
> bsdinstall?
> How do I do this?
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Ok I got beyond the first part by patching 
/usr/libexec/bsdintall/zfsboot to create 800GB partitions.

Now I have some questions as the zfs raidz-1 on root will not boot from 
boot0cfg which I installed upon my original setup booting win7 and 
freebsd 10.0.

Will Grub2 boot FreeBSD11 installed on zfs raidz-1?
If so can someone give me the scoop on how to do that as I just can not 
afford to mess that up.
It will need to boot Win7, freebsd-10.0 and freebsd-11.0 on zfs raidz-1

I can I move the raidz install to different SATA controllers?  or will I 
need to get down and dirty and fixup the drives in the raidz ?

As Always Thanks

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