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Date:      Sat, 22 Apr 1995 09:34:46 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Kim Culhan <>
Subject:   How to 'tear down' system -rebuild with SNAP?
Message-ID:  <>

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Its been so long since I installed this system from the 2.0R cdrom that
I had to review the process for reinstalling.
This is in connection with the need to upgrade to the 0412 SNAP.

Since I planned on installing over the Net, the process required appears 
to be:

1) Make the floppies from the most recent images on freefall.
   (It looks like the easiest way is to borrow the use of a friend's
    net-connected Windows machine and ftp the images with that..)

2) Boot dos and then the images per the INSTALL file on freefall in the
   0412-SNAP directory.

3) Repartition the SCSI disk so it doesn't have 300 mb devoted to DOS.
   In connection with the above, try to grok the comments in the install
   script regarding the importance of making a 'small dos slice to ensure
   that the drive parameters are the same as what dos would have used if
   this were dos.' -I've never fully understood this but wish I did..

4) Use the install script and associated binaries on the boot floppies
   to get the SNAP off the net via drivers for my SMC Elite 16 network

5) Hope the install stuff on the boot floppies understands how to deal
   with a SNAP release.

If theres anything wrong/missing from this series of events, any corrections
or comments are very greatly appreciated.



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